In accordance with the DBBI Academy mission statement, the basic tenets of the Christian faith are taught using the Bible and published curriculum materials. Through daily prayer, Bible reading, memorization, and discussion each student is encouraged to make a personal decision for Christ and to grow in his/her relationship with God the Father through Jesus Christ. Other subjects, especially Science and English are presented in a Christian perspective. We believe in the sufficiency of the Word of God in our faith and practice, thus, making our school an epitome of one striving for academic excellence and authentic Christianity… leading to the education of the mind, the heart and the soul.



                Our school adapts the K-12 Curriculum of the Department of Education with some modifications that makes us unique. Our curriculum provides students with academics, skill building, reading practice, character and wisdom training, and knowledge of God and His Word. As part of our goal to be an excellent model in Christian education, the Bible is discussed in Bible class and chapel and is still applied to other academic subjects. Each subject is looked into according to the lens of Scripture. Our educational materials are not just biblically faithful—they are also academically sound. We partner with publishers that have materials that use hands-on-learning, creative problem solving, and other research-proven instructional strategies to motivate students to take an active role in learning and to master age-appropriate material.